The early 1970s saw the introduction of personal computers and mass-produced game consoles and gaming consoles being popular in commercial areas and chain restaurants in the United States. Technological advances, such as Intel’s production of the world’s first microprocessor, paved the way for games like a gunfight, the first multiplayer human-to-human combat shooter, in 1975. […]


The phrase “video game” refers to everything from a solo game of Solitaire to massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs) with entire virtual planets where players interact with one another and transactions — generally points or game upgrades, but sometimes actual money – are made. Computers and laptops, mobile devices, gaming consoles, and, increasingly, phones and

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As described in this article, virtual reality often involves a head-mounted display, a computer, smartphone, or console to construct the 3D scene, and some input tracking, such as hand tracking, voice tracking, or head tracking. This setup is now used by various head-mounted displays, including those from Oculus, HP, HTC, and PlayStation. The finest virtual

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Beginning July 13, Sony has informed PlayStation 4 game developers that any new titles submitted for certification must be compatible with PlayStation 5. This means that all PS4 titles accepted for testing after the middle of that month are technically forwards compatible, meaning they can be played on Sony’s next-generation machine; however, it is up

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Hello once more! It hasn’t been easy during the last 12 months. And I believe we’re all hoping that, because of the strenuous efforts of the medical community and individuals all across the world, we’ll start to see some light at the end of this long COVID-19 tunnel. PlayStation wanted to honor the community by

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Hello, everyone! Wow, it’s been ten years since PlayStation Plus was initially presented to the world on June 29, 2010, and we’d like to thank every one of you for your continued support. Over the years, it’s been a fascinating adventure, bringing gamers together and giving members intriguing content and unique offers. We wouldn’t be

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At a time when the online gaming industry is facing increased regulatory pressure, with Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh recently banning all forms of online gambling and betting, including online games played for stakes, and other states such as Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Karnataka considering similar moves, the Meghalaya government last month notified a

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Conclusively now both children and adults are engaged to play games on the PS-2 and plaques such as game equipment. Internet has also become the best choice for choosing various gaming computers for kids. Computer games have become a necessity in the lives of children, as time goes by, children play games on computers. Kids

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The most popular form of gaming is online flash games. They are becoming the newest and popular choice for most gamers. Most people don’t find adequate time to play their favorite games in their busy schedule. This website which has online flash games allows users to play the games even if they have a duration

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