‘GTA 5 Online’

Following last week’s release of the previous Cunning Stunt, Rockstar’s ‘Grand Theft Auto 5 Online game‘ is now receiving a new round of updates. It also means that 20 new tracks will be added to the game, each tailored to the particular powers of the Ruiner 2000, Blazer Aqua, and Rocket Voltic.

The Rockstar studio has utilized a similar strategy when releasing new updates to the game, introducing new cars each week with an Adversary mode.

According to the Express report, a list of new vehicles, cars, Adversary Modes, and creator material will be released ahead of the massive ‘GTA 5 Online’ summer DLC release.

Along with the release of the ‘GTA 5 Online’ Cunning Stunts update, Rockstar Games also announced what is coming in the coming weeks on their official website. “In the next weeks, GTA 5 Online will receive even more enhancements, including improvements to existing features. In addition, there are wacky new modes like Resurrection and Top Down, as well as a collection of popular GTA rides, including one particularly horrific muscle vehicle.”

Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit is the most recent upgrade to the “GTA 5 Online” game. It was launched just a few weeks ago and is now available for purchase. Along with this update, Legendary Motorsport has released the new Progen GP1 supercar, which is now available in GTA Online.

Apart from those mentioned above, it is still unknown what other new features will be added to the “Grand Theft Auto 5 Online” game. On the other hand, other rumors indicate that vehicles such as the new weaponized cars will be introduced.

The first installment of the “GTA 5 Online” update will be released this week. This update is compatible with all platforms, including PS4, Xbox One, and PC.