Right now, online gaming is experiencing a huge renaissance. With events being cancelled all over the world, esports is quickly adapting by moving tournaments and showcases online. Even EVO, the annual fighting game championship held in Las Vegas, has moved to an online format and changed its roster to include games with better netcode. While […]


When Steam revealed in 2016 that it would start accepting Bitcoin, the gaming community realised something big was about to happen. Steam’s hegemony and reputation as a tastemaker not only compelled other gaming platforms to follow suit, but it also ushered in an era that a certain segment of the gaming community had long desired:

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At a time when the online gaming industry is facing increased regulatory pressure, with Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh recently banning all forms of online gambling and betting, including online games played for stakes, and other states such as Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Karnataka considering similar moves, the Meghalaya government last month notified a

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Conclusively now both children and adults are engaged to play games on the PS-2 and plaques such as game equipment. Internet has also become the best choice for choosing various gaming computers for kids. Computer games have become a necessity in the lives of children, as time goes by, children play games on computers. Kids

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The most popular form of gaming is online flash games. They are becoming the newest and popular choice for most gamers. Most people don’t find adequate time to play their favorite games in their busy schedule. This website which has online flash games allows users to play the games even if they have a duration

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